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Majik Designs provide Small to Medium Business's (SMB's) and individuals with the opportunity to engage us in partnership in the development of their marketing strategy.  Be it for your digital design requirements such as new Web site, Brochures, Letterhead, Business Cards, other stationery, or other marketing requirements.  Majik Designs can provide you with web mastering and support for your web site, whether developed and built by Majik Designs, by others, or yourself.

Majik Designs is an Australian business with clients both locally and internationally; with the capability of today's technology, geography is not a barrier.  We utilise a personal approach to engage and communicate with you, and we use available technologies to assist our communications, such as; telephone, e-mail, VOIP, or the Internet. 
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On the "Our Clients" page you can view samples of our portfolio, clients, and the work we have done together.  We hope that you like our samples and allow us to participate with you in your next marketing or design project.

Our Service Philosophy

Giving you what you need, in terms you can understand, our service philosophy is to partner quality work with affordable prices, satisfying your requirements at a price you can afford.  Many of our clients have expressed a high satisfaction with our no-fuss, professional approach, quality output and timely completion of projects.  

Our Vision

Our vision is the combination of traditional and proven marketing methods tied with technology, allowing your business to operate with greater potential, more effectively.

Our technology business was founded in 1989.  We have an understanding of technology and the Internet's potential as a powerful tool to improve communications and acquisition of new customers directly.  We have identified that many do not have the capability to set this up professionally.  Our vision is to harness the technology to support business systems and processes.

Majik Designs is a business of RPK Computer Services Pty Ltd,  ABN 86 007 192 109
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